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What kind of vitamins to take to improve skin defend for acne?

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vitamins that are good to be placed over skin is vitamin E, also collagen and aloe vera. And aways take multi vitamin pills for your body they are great for skin. hair and over all health.

I use snail extract from la bella and it makes my face smooth. Its sold on ebay or cvs stores but they usually run out. It contains purified water infused with aloe vera, acrimer 90, helix aspersa ( snail protein), collagen protein, elastin, allatoin, propylene glycol, methylparabean, propylparabean, vitamin E, acetate, triethanolamine and germall 11.

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I heard rubbing olive oil on red marks works, they are said to be loaded with vitamin E and everyone brags that vitamin E works on clearing red marks so idk. I have yet to try it yet because i still need to get the acne under control first.

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I use a multivitamin called Adam from Now Foods. It has everything in what's currenly there best supplemental forms. A lot of multis come with minerals in the form of rocks. It'll make your pee yellow, but that's just the b-complex.

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Vitamin(s)/mineral(s)/supplement(s)/other natural(s) I have heard to help acne/red marks:

Vitamin C

B Vitamins


Omega 3's (flax or fish oil)

Vitamin E




Green tea --also white tea

Egg (whites and/or yolk)




Aloe Vera (topical and/or oral)

..and I have tried them all! haha

If I remember anymore I'll come back and post them.

I find the omega 3's to be the most beneficial for me, but a good multivitamin/mineral pill is nice as well.

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