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Hi everyone, I'm new :)

I'm 15 right now and have had acne problems since I was about 14. The acne has not spread to the other parts of my face - it is mainly to the upper left and right parts of my mouth, a little on my chin once and a while, and on my nose. My biggest problem is the pimples on my nose because I have had them for MONTHS and they do not budge. Any suggestions on those?

Since I haven't had acne for that long, I've been experimenting with different products and my skin is starting to look a little better.


- Shower (wash with Cetaphil)

- Splash face with cold water to close pores

- Pat with towel to dry and wait about 5 minutes

- Apply a small amount of 10% BP (I think it's 10%, it's Benzaclin)

- Wait 20-30 minutes, apply 6 drops of Jojoba Oil

- Blot the remaining oil off in about half an hour


- Wash face with warm water and Cetaphil to open pores

- Splash face with cold water to close pores

- Pat with towel to dry and wait about 5 minutes and brush my teeth :)

- Apply Retin-A Micro 4% to affected areas

- Wait about 20 minutes, then apply Jojoba Oil to entire face

- Blot the remaining oil off in about half an hour

I just recently added the Jojoba Oil to my regimen and my skin is already looking better except that my nose pimples aren't going away.

My mom has a friend who had to go on Accutane, but before that the doctor suggested to make a mask out of egg yolk. I've only tried that a few times, and I might start trying it every third day or so.

I also do an aspirin mask once in a while - maybe once or twice a week, and it makes my skin feel very soft.

I try to get some sun every day but not enough to damage my skin.

It also aggravates me that I have some acne on my back. It is not on my chest. I usually have scattered small pimples on my back with one big honker somewhere back there. I wash it with a lufa every day in the shower, but it doesn't seem to affect it much. Would some alpha-hydroxy acid be good for it? Or are there any alternative ways to get rid of it?

I'm completely in the blue about diet. I know to avoid sugary and greasy foods, along with dairy, and I know that some fruits and vegetables are good for your skin. Can anyone give me some insight on this?

For vitamins I take a multivitamin, calcium, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, and iron. Is there anything that I should really be taking that would improve my acne.

Congratulations if you read all of that :D

Not trying to sound arrogant, but I'm a good looking kid and it kills me to have acne because I know I could be doing so much more and its holding back my life and my summer.

Also, I drink about 1.5 Nalgene waterbottles a day, which is about 8 cups. This is enough, right?

I'd appreciate some help !:)

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