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** New To This: What Vitamins Do You Suggest? **

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Hey everybody!

Basically I'm looking for some information as to what vitamins would be the best for me. I currently have a clear face; however, I will sometimes get a few pimples here and there and I want that to STOP! I use Dan's regimen on my face and it definitely helps. However, I wanna try and treat this from the inside-out. Also, vitamins will help more than just my face!

What vitamins should I start with?

What dosages should I start with?

I just want some vitamins that will help, I don't wanna take the chance of these vitamins breaking me out bad...

Thanks for any information!

I am looking to get some vitamins soon!


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Any Omega 3 supplements are undoubtedly good.

Google search vitamins and minerals that help acne and you will find a lot of things. Hell, even fibers and amino acids have helped people. Make sure you do a lot of research on side effects and doses before purchasing though.

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Hello I am new here...but I a firm believer in the holistic/natural approach to acne. I am 26 and have been battling it on and off for years. Mine is stress/hormonal related.

Anyway, I feel that acne needs to be taken care of from the inside-out. When we have acne, it is our bodies way of saying that something is def. not balanced on the inside. Think about those who do not get acne....but if their body is out of balance, it may show up in different physical ways for them. (Fatigue, colds, etc)

I spend a lot of time researching supplements. As of right now I am taking

-Burdock Root capsules

-Aloe Vera CAPSULES (not topical)





Be sure to take the CORRECT dosage. It differs from each person. REMEMBER::::: Supplements take TIME. Immediate results will not happen. Stick with it though-your body will thank you. Plus, drink a lot of water. I drink about 2 liters a day.


Take supplements at night if you have an upset stomach easily.

Be sure to read the labels to see what supplements you can and cannot take with food.

I hope this helps. :)

Take care everyone!

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Seeing as there are a million different ways to help fight acne, I can only say what I think would be best for you.

You could try individual vitamins (you choose):

50-100mg of Zinc- helps specifically with inflamed acne, but helps overall.

500-1500mg of Vitamin C- helps complexion, skin tone.

500-2000mg of Vitamin B5- helps break down the oil that causes acne.

Vitamin B Complex Pill- Helps overall (and if you try the B5, make sure you take a complex with it).

Any one of these could help you or not help you, hell, rubbing rhino crap on your face could help your acne. Different things work for different people. But I feel confident that if you tried one (B5 or Zinc) of these vitamins (or better yet, a combo of all of them), your acne would clear up.

Message me for more info.

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