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Pinhead's Accutane Log

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Hey Everyone!

I just started Accutane Roche on the 17th. I just popped my 5th pill tonight and decided to go online to see if there were any forums/communities for more information. Im so happy that I found this website. I hardly knew anything about accutane but my aunt took it recently so I thought it would be good for me. Im 18 and weight around 120lbs so my derm put me on 40mg doses, 1 a day. I started to break out during my grade 11 year and then it got worse in grade 12. I just graduated and my skin is so unpredictable. My acne on my face goes from good one week to really bad. My main problem is I have acne on my shoulders and there starting to go down my back and forarms. My derm told me the best thing to do would be accutane. I just have a few questions. Im going away to Portugal on the 4th of July and its really hot there 24/7. I know im not supposed to be in the sun but I kinda cant avoid it. Just wondering what people would reccomend for sunscreen and also for dry lips as well. So far on day 5 I have had no dryness only like 2 nose bleeds. Im also using Acne Complex on my face and was wondering if I should stop using it while im on Accutane?? Also, im a social drinker I drink maybe once or twice a week but only get drunk drunk once a week. I usually drink a 26 or at least 3/4 of a 26 and was wondering if I should cut alcohol completely or just in moderation. Also, I sometimes drink 151 which is 76% but after 4 shots I stop because ill be drunk. Just wondering what you guys think I should do.

Ill post pictures on week 1 and week 2.. I will also post more again while im in Portugal and when I come back. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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