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Thulsa Doom

Scar treatments in the 6-12 month range post-Accutane

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I finished a course of Accutane two months ago for acne on my back. I don't believe it worked too well, but that's another story. My face hasn't had any significant acne in years, but I do have some scarring on my face, and I want to get subcision (as well as possibly other treatments) done on my facial scarring at some point. The recommended waiting time post-Accutane to get scar treatments done is 6 months to 1 year, as far as I can tell. I assume this means that a person should wait a minimum of six months - but that a procedure might still be somewhat risky after six months' time - and that after a full year any procedure should be pretty safe. But from what I've read on these boards, some people recommend waiting as little as three months or as much as three years.

My dermatologist says I should wait a full year to get any sort of scar treatment done. I haven't discussed it with her, but I'm thinking I might go for it after six months. I've had these scars for a few years, and I can already hear people saying, "Well, if you've lived with them for years now, you might as well play it safe and go another six months" (maybe not bad advice), but I'm really just ready to see some improvement in my scarring - I'm really sick of living with them this way, and from everything I've read, it seems that people are just choosing these waiting times arbitrarily, not based on any real data or experience. So what I'd like to know is: Has anyone gotten scar treatments done in the 6 month - 1 year range, and what have been your results - in particular, have you experienced any delayed healing / additional scarring / other negative side effects that you have reason to believe came as a result of not having waited long enough? I know, of course, that side effects will vary depending on what procedure is done and from person to person, but I'm just trying to get an idea of what people's experiences have been. Or - and I know this is a long shot - does anyone know of any studies that have been done on this topic? Thanks in advance for any input.

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I waited about a year before having subscision done after accutane. I used some topical stuff within about 6 months because the red marks were bad, but didn't do much good. Nothing negative, but just didn't work. You should just manage your skin with moisturisers and perhaps a aha cream at night to exfoliate. Deeper scars need more than topical treatment, and it is best to wait a year before these to be honest. It's tough to deal with , but worth it in the long run. There can be bad side effects from more abrasive scar revision if done too soon... best of luck

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