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Random acne breakout on forehead

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The past couple of months I have gotten acne just under my hairline on my forehead. Not big zits but lots of little tiny ones (almost unnoticeable unless you look up close.) I'm 23 so I know it's not a puberty thing so I assumed it was maybe the shampoo I was using so I switched brands with no luck. The acne spread further down the hairline (now it goes down to the hairline right by my eyebrows.) Within the few weeks the acne has made itself onto my whole forehead (still small but more noticeable now.) I read that putting toothpaste on the acne prone areas will help get rid of them but all it ended up doing was burning my skin and left it dry. I bought so scrub exfoliant and started using it but it ended up taking the top layer off of the zits leaving my forehead with lots of red inflamed spots. I figured the zits now turned into cuts so I put polysporin on it but after this I don't really know what else to do. Any ideas?

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Moved to the Mild To Moderate Acne board.

Are you using any styling products in your hair?

A lot of exfoliating scrubs are pretty harsh, and after reading what you posted about yours basically removing a layer of skin, I'd recommend not using that product again.

At this point, it sounds like all the treatments you've tried have left your skin pretty irritated, and irritation can actually aggravate acne-prone skin. You might want to give your skin a few days to recover, and then try treating it again. Maybe try something like BP or Salicylic Acid.

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Do you wear a hat very often? That can sometimes cause irritation along the hairline and then that acne could possibly be spreading downward. Just a thought...

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You might have fungal folliculitis. It's characterized by small, numerous bumps that spread from the hairline. They sometimes itch or flare red. It can be controlled by using a dandruff shampoo like Nizoral as a facial cleanser twice a day, letting it sit on your skin for 3-10 minutes. check out these threads for more info:



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