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HI, I ve just been proscribed duac and have been using it for about three days, in combination with differin gel at night. I'm starting to go red in my face and wondering how long this will last for , and if it will go away if i persist with the medication. Any help would be appreciated.

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I experienced quite bad redness and irritation on my skin when i started differin. I think its quite a normal reaction. After a while i realised differin wasnt for me and stopped using it. The irritation should subside soon,if it doesnt maybe try and reduce your usage to every other day,after that you might find,like me,that it isnt for you. I guess you've just gotta wait and see how things pan out over the next few weeks.

But yes,i had quite an intense burning sensation when i was using it at the beginning.

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Wow. That is a strong combo. I have been going to the derm for 2 and a half yrs. now and the best thig i tried was differin. I feel crunchy because in the beginnining when i went for my follow up I told him I wanted to try something different other than differin...that my skin was "getting use to it" In actuality I just wanted to try different things to see if I could get the "perfect skin look"..So now MANY....treatments later..I realise diferin was right for me. Now I don't know if he will give it back to me. My skin was so clear. I got so many compliments....More compliments were recieved while I was on Diferin.

I reccomend differin. In the beginning I kind of did break out but it gets better. Oh yeah for the ladies if you go get a wax a day or so after using diferin it can make your skin raw. ouch.

Good Luck with your regime.

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