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How to gain weight on low fat diet?

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I really want to gain some weight, especially on my lower arms as they just look like some bone with some skin slapped on!! Fat defiently makes my skin worse so i want to go on a low fat diet for a while but keep messing up, my skin keeps getting worse though so im getting more determined to stick to it this time.

With this sort of diet though im worried i will lose weight and get even more skinny. Obviously i will be eating fruit and veg; could eating quite alot of fruit help at all to gain weight? Other foods im hoping that will help me to gain some weight are brown rice, tuna and sweet potatoes, will they be much use? What other foods can i eat?

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I'm starting to lean towards forgetting about my skin as far as ultra strict diets go, and just trying to gain weight. I am still going to eat nutritious foods (meats, vegetables, fruits) but I am not going to severely limit my selection so I can gain weight.

I would first get the calories you need to work out, then focus on limiting the fat as much as you can. Try to take supplements that lower the fat levels in your blood. It is possible to gain weight on a strict low fat diet but you have to jump through hoops, I would just try to do the best you can.

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Just take in more calories than you burn.

Stick to complex carbs and protein if you're trying to stay away from fat.

Brown rice, tuna and sweet potatoes are great, and also bring in oats, you'll just have to eat quite a bit of it.

You should also start weight training, and get a good whey isolate

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