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does the third round make you wait longer for acne to clear up?

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~so i am on my third round of accutane. i am about 120lbs, and have taken 40mg for 4 months each round including this one.


'07 round 1 = 4 months at 40mg

'08 round 2 = 4 months at 40mg

'09 round 3 = same this year.

~my question is....does the 3rd round usually make you wait longer for acne to clear up? because i believe when i started my 2nd round, i had to suffer for 2 weeks of worse acne before it got better but when i started my 3rd round this month, it's past 3 weeks and i haven't completely cleared yet (i have one cystic pimple left on the side of my cheek). it's working though but i'm worried if i will ever have to take a 4th round next year it'll be a whole month before my acne clears.

~also i'm curious. i've heard a few stories that the 3rd round does the trick? and clears you up for longer than a year. is this true? i really hope so...because i've been suffering acne since 13 which is about starting near the end of elementary school.

~sadly, and deeply regretfully, i had not heard of accutane until after high school otherwise my prom wouldn't have been hell. i would always get the cystic pimples (the big ones....and i seemed like the only one) and being in my 3rd year of college at 21 i still get them!!!! :(

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I haven't heard of the "3rd round takes longer to clear" thing. Usually I hear the 2nd round clears people a lot faster than their 1st.

The 3rd round doesn't necc. "do the trick," but you get higher chances of long-term/permanent remission the more Accutane you take. How long it keeps you clear is unpredictable and varies from person to person.

I'm sorry to hear you've been dealing with acne so long, but if Accutane has failed to keep your acne in remission over multiple courses, it might not work for you.

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Yikes, I'd never take 40mg a day for my third round! I'm on my third and worried about taking 10mg a day for the first month!

I'd FOR SURE ask for way less. 10-20mg MAX. You shouldn't get an IB at all at that dose and you can always move up:

Month 1, 10mg

Month 2, 20mg

Month 3, 30mg

Month 4, 40mg

Month 5, 40mg (if needed)

there you go! treatment without IB and with only mild side effects :)

also, everyone is different. some people clear for good on the first try but not many. usually acne gets better and stays away for longer each round.

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I think your dose is fine I'm on my third course, M/67kg and taking 80mg a day(40mg twice a day).

It is around day 35 and I think I am just now starting to clear up pretty well.

I am hoping to only be on a 3 month cycle...fingers crossed I am clear in 3 months. My Doc said he would take me off if I am.

I don't know about you but each course has improved my acne so I am hoping this 3rd course completely does away with it.

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~hey everyone! thanks for the replies! ya...i think i'll stick with 40 mg. since i'm still having trouble getting rid of cysts with 40mg alone (it's day 22 on my third round and my acne hasn't cleared yet) . if i go to 20 mg, i would assume it would only take longer for the accutane to do it's job. and what's an IB? blood test? i sure hope my acne stays away hella long for this round when i'm done. although i'm gonna miss taking the pills (it means the acne will start to come back slowly). i don't really mind the dry lips, i can handle it.

~i'd say accutane works A0EE. this is the only thing that's worked for me. i've tried many other things like changing my diet. products. eating no deep fried foods/chocolate at all. so...there is no way in hell i'd give up accutane unless some other miracle drug came along. maybe "accutane advanced solution: with less side effects".

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