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I am currently using/taking:

50 mg zinc tablets

2 500mg of vitamin c

two teaspoons of cod liver oil

tetracyline tablets

backing soda every other day at night

apc as toner morning and night

oc8 thing to help control my oily skin day and night

However, after 5 hours my nose is still really oily, although rest of face has improved oilyness a bit.

My nose is full of blackheads, full face is full of red marks and red spots here and there and generally my face feels really tight, espesicially when opening mouth.

Anything you can suggest what im doing wrong or could suggest to help me??

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Diet is pretty healthy, I eat my fruit and veg - especially fruit as its sooooo nice lol, avoid all the crap i can, but will eat some stuff that is supposidly bad because at the end of the day, its nice aswell.

I think i have dehydrated oily skin, as my face gets really tight and doesnt feel real stretchy - does that mean thats why my face gets even more oily during the day???

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I have pretty much the same problem as you.

My face gets very oily/greasy during the day, especially my nose.

i hav'nt really found a solution to this yet..but im givin blotting paper a try, to dab of the excess oil.

Using BP, pretty much reduces the greasy feeling..but not totally

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If your face is dry, but oily, why don't you consider picking up a good non-comedogenic moisturizer and some oil blotting sheets to take care of both problems, respectively?

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