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Okay, so now I've been around this page for about 1½ years.

I've had acne since... i was about 14 years old, now im 17.

It started with oily skin and a pimple now and then - and my mom told me that buying some products could help me get rid of it - but... certainly not.

So I started out buying some natural facewash products and went to the shower more frequently ( 2 times a day ) and my skin felt alot cleaner.

At this time i still had relative big amount of sugar in my weekly diet (aswell as milk/diary products) it only got worse and when i hit 15 i began to have alot of blackheads and a couple of whiteheads and pimples. So my mom suggested me that i bought a exfoliating product.. so i did. I was still doing the natural facewash 2 times a day.. but nothing really happened.

So.. i think i was 16 when the acne really started to annoy me - beacause i couldnt really stop it - and it got even worse (And yes, i know i didn't suffer from severe acne - but still, a major selfesteem killer).

I went online looking for some answers, and i found that using certain "acne products" wouild help. so i ordered a package from Clerasil with everything included . i wee using it for about 2 months and only a slightly better skin due to the exfoliating product i think.

well.. it didn't help me that much, so i tryed another regimen from Australian Body care (tee tree oil) - it was a little to hars on my face and smelled quite awfull. so i stopped using it - but i did see a slightly better skin in the days using this.

so... i went online again and looked at lifestyle/sugar/diet problems and i changed my diet totally avoiding sugar,diary products and products high on fat i began eating healthy (fruit, vegetables, drinking alot of water etc) and i noticed really some improvements. but i didn't solve it all. so i went online once again to see if the acne was caused by specifik foods - and i tried not to eat white bread, drink alcohol etc. but i didnt really clean me up.

So i tried another product regimen - vichy and noticed a better skin in .. 3 weeks. but it was too expensive. So i went for the benzoylperoxid product - Basiron - and i got alot better!! in fact i didnt have any pimples anymore only whiteheads and blackhads - but stilla ton of em.

So i went to this site to look for more information and came across this water regimen.

And i think you got it right! because - funny storry- when i visit my friends house, and when im there i only shower once a night and splashes my face 1-2 times a day when the skin got too oily - i noticed that after 3-4 days at his house, my acne was like going back into the body, like it was "shrinking". and when i went backhome to wash and exfoliate and moistuize .. it all came back .. so i fought maybe all this chemicals and stuff in my products where making it worse. it was also when i first started using these products that it went wrong..

So this morning i said to myself - okay - now you dont use any products for the next weeks. only a shower in the night and a gentle splashing in the morning to start off.

okay, soo gues what!

i allready feel like this is going the right way! keep ind mind i still have a healthy diet, no sugar, no alcohol, no diary products, no junkfood what so ever. and this seem to work. i'll give it a week or two, and i'll keep you guys informed.

But, won't the dead skin clog my porres? or will it just fall off when showering? (i dont touch my skin during the day at all, my towell only touches it so that i can dry. if you got any idea how to get the dead skin away, give me a comment :)

See you soon!

and sorry for the writing, i didn't have much time :P

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Okay. So, Now i think its the third day trying this. and here is what i've been doing

Day 1:

Morning shower - warm water

Cold water to shut the porres

Changed my bed linen - aswell as towell)

Eat healthy, i've found out, that the digestive system have somehting to do with my acne.

but do not overdo it, you need to eat different stuff, chew it right, and just enjoy food.

But i've found not eating diary/bread/sugar/fat products has helped me.

I did like 15-20 minutes of jumping in the trampoline in the sun and got some breakfast.

My skin got oily and i were going to work, so i just splashed it letting cold water run on the skin.

after work i was sweaty (im working in a kitchen) - So i went for a shower.

same procedure as in the morning.

went to sleep :)

Day 2:

NO NEW spots came up, and my skin were a little dry - but dont do anything yet -

and flaky around my nose and mouth. (due too some BP i used like .. 5-6 days ago i think)

Morning shower - warm water

Cold water to shut the porres

Live you life, have some some outdoor activity to:

a: Work out

b: sun tan (d-vitamins and just the good stuff the sun and fresh air does to your skin)

Then, i went to work, and after work: shower with the same procedure as in the morning

went to sleep :)

Day 3:

Still no new spots!!! :D:D:D

And i've found that my whiteheads and some off my blackheads have disappeared.

a little more dryness today,

Todays regimen:

Soak head in HOT water for 1-2 minutes

Having a shower

Cold water to shut the porres

and a healthy breakfast - actually i think its going to work!!! it's been 3 days without any chemicals to the skin!! :D

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