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i am in my mid-thirties. i got acne when i was 15, and ive been pretty clear of acne since i was 20 (after 3 courses of accutane).....and i still have the red marks from the time i was 20 and first noticed them after my acne cleared........i am telling u this because red marks do not just fade in a few months....sometimes they are still there for ur entire adult life....they are much improved over the years but they are still there....

i have had 2 dermabrasions, 2 CO2 laser resurfacings, 11 fraxels, 10 pulse dye laser treatments, 2 years of glycolic acid peels and alpha hydroxy products, retin-A treatment, months of triluma bleaching cream, spent a year living t the beach to get loads of sun and salt water on my face, loads of zinc vitamins, vegetarian diets, turmeric powder, witches' spells(not kidding, i went to actual witches/wiccans for spells), went to healing masses, went to out of state doctors, and celebrity doctors, etc. etc. etc.....

and although the marks are very much lightened....they are still there.

NOW....a few months ago i started getting juvederm injected in my cheeks because although red marks is my major problem, i noticed that alot of them were actually slightly depressed.....and i had the idea that i would try to plump up the areas....and now the red marks are actually extremely light now.....

and i dont know if the actual juverm under the skin is coloring them a little, or if since they are plumped up and raised that they are healing....

i dont know but my cheeks look 100 times better and smoothed and plumped and more even toned......

anything that helps even the slightest bit is a good thing, and worth doing.

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