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*** I was 100% clear, until . . . ***

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I was completely clear for about 4 months. However, during that 4 months I was injured and could not compete in my sport. Basically, I think I cleared completely up because I was not sweating. Before, I never really had acne but an occassionally a pimple would pop up in random spots. Now that I can play again I am getting pimples again.

My question is.... what do you suggest I use to clean my face? I'm looking for a product that I can wash with after my workout (when I can't really take a shower immediately after). I workout everyday (sometimes twice per day) and my skin is naturally oily. I currently use Dan's Regimen at night and wash 2 times a day with purpose cleanser.

Anybody with suggestions out there???

Thanks in advance,

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I really really really doubt it's the sweat.

There's two times in my life that I've been clear.

both times I exercised like a lot everyday. I was covered in sweat since the morning and didn't wash, and then I exercised more and sweated a lot more. I sweat a lot.

also, both times I was dieting.

I'm guessing that when you play you eat a lot more carbs, energy bars, etc. I think that's why.

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I just want to know what I should use to clean my face right after workouts??

It only makes sense that it'd be a combination of both sweating and diet.

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