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For those looking for help: Skin Irritants that Cause Acne

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Here is a list of the most common skin irritants. Skin irritation leads to redness, breakouts, and damage down the line. The following products appear in a LOT of Clearasil, Clean & Clear, and Neutrogena products. Avoid these to have better looking, healthier skin!

I bolded all of the incredibly common ingredients.

-Alcohols. Ethanol (grain alcohol), denatured alcohol, ethyl alcohol, methanol, isopropyl, and SD alcohol should be avoided. (Exceptions: Ingredients like cetyl alcohol, myristyl alcohol, arachidyl alcohol or stearyl alcohol are OK and perfectly safe.)

- Citrus juices and oils

- Clove

- Essential Oils

- Eucalyptus

- Feverfew

- Fragrance (may be listed as "Parfum")

- Ginger

- Grapefruit

- Horsetail

- Jasmine

- Lavender

- Lemon

- Lemongrass

- Lime

- Linalool

- Menthol

- Menthyl Lactate

- Mint

- Oak bark

- Orange

- Papaya

- Peppermint

- Sodium C14-16 olefin sulfate

- Sodium lauryl sulfate (sodium laureth sulfate is OK)

- Witch hazel

- Ylang-ylang

SOURCE: Paula's Choice

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Would you say the non-comedogenic Jergens or LIFE Brand "Daily Glow" facial moisturizers are generally pretty good by moisturizer/tinted moisturizer standards?

I can't quite figure out if I trust it yet but it doesn't seem to cause me to break out. And it hides Accutane-caused redness of the face very well, because of the brown tint it gives you.

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I've never heard of this "Life brand" but the Jergens natural glow line looks pretty harmless, just glancing at the ingredients. It is really up to how it sits on your skin and personal preference.

Anyone else? I will definitely answer any product problem questions!

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Thanks for your honest help (and not just referring me to use stuff from that woman's book that she authored-- although I do trust many of her products).

LIFE brand is just the Canadian no-name brand alternative, sold in Shoppers Drug Marts. It's identical to the Jergens in just about every way. They also have their own versions of Tylenol, and even bath soap or tissues. It's just a cheaper alternative with less fancy packaging.

So far the Jergens never seems to do anything but make my face feel better, and look less red (from the Accutane.) However I started to break out again-- though I've realized it wasn't the Jergens (I don't think), but rather the fact that suddenly Accutane just isn't drying out my skin at all.

You know I meant the tinted, gradual/subtly tanning one from Jergens right? Cuz often those types of products get a bad rap. I guess the Jergens uses different tanning systems that other brands?

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Breaking out can be caused by a lot of things so it might not necessarily be your Jergens. If you really have faith in the product, then keep it.

I didn't notice an SPF rating on the Jergens. Make sure to wear an SPF 15 or above everyday while on Accutane. Sun exposure without protection can irritate the skin to the point of break-out.


Your list is ok, but there are some problems.

Petrolatum is actually very good for skin. Pore-clogging cannot be measured, everyone has different pores.

Also, you are missing a lot of common problem ingredients. Sodium lauryl sulfate, menthol, and grapefruit appear in hundreds of skin products. Some are even advertised "with natural grapefruit" or "with soothing feverfew" which is the worst.

Otherwise, it is good that you are educating people. Big skin care brands are making better products because they realize that people are reading the labels.

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