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How do I get rid of these bumps?? (pic included)

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I've recently been getting all these annoying bumps on my nose and around my nose and as you can see they are not flattering at all.

If anyone has any advice, please tell me! thank you so much for your help :)



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I have one of those, and a weird enlarged pore that has a blackhead in it that I can't seem to squeeze out.. I guess the only thing you can do is get your face clear and hope for the best. =[

either that or you can start getting into Voodoo because I've tried everything with my problem bump..

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oh shit sonnn i get these sukkerz too. dont squeeze em unless theyre white MK?? and if u do tht pleaseee use HOT water and then put toner on afterwards. use benzoal peroxide on those 2wice daily, and maybe get Retin A...its amazing stuff prescribed by docs. takes about 6 months to work and acne gets worse first, which is a bitchhh.

ppl dont even notice, i swear, i know it SEEMS as if EVERYONE is gawking at ur zits, but no they arent trust me they have thier own internal shit to deal with!!!

ps i walked into the bathroom at work today and one of my coworkers who is so sweet popped her zit between her eyebrowz rite as i walked in and she was sooooo embarassed. LOL i acted like it was no biggie jus part o life cuz it IZ!!!

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