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"weaning off" the pill

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I was put on Dianette at 16 for my spots, I am now 22. Previously I had taken antibiotics and some topical cream from my GP which cleared my spots for 1 year, but they finally fought back.

I am now 22 and since coming off dianette at 18, have been on yasmin until 21, then switched to marvelon and now femodette for the last 6 months as they are the lowest-dose estrogen BCP's available.

My spots have pretty much stayed clear apart from the odd couple since being on femodette. I also have a few on my back but i don't think this is hormonal and have heard (slightly off topic) that head and shoulders shampoo can help this?? Is that true or not??

My main concern is for coming off of the pill completely. As i have "weaned down" from highest to lowest estrogen with no problems, is it likely my acne will return full force if i stop the pill?? does anyone have experience with this?

are there any herbal supplements I can take before coming off the pill to "prep" my body at all?

The main reason I want to come off is that my sex drive is DEAD and no pill-swaps have helped this problem.

My mum had acne from 19 to 25. I got mine at 15....is acne and its pattern hereditary?? spots are so depressing I'd hate them to return. I read 80% of people can suffer with acne, well i must say I don't know any of them. Everyone I know has lovely skin :o(

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Ok so ur first question was about Head and Shoulders??..Yes my derm told me to use that at one point when i went off Diane, it helps with oil alot, its pretty drying.

In my opinion , I dont think it will matter that you "weaned down", i think without the hormones in a BCP your body might just go back to normal and carry on as if you never took BCP. That's what happened to me anyways. It didnt get worse than before, it just went back to pre-Diane era.

Also, I do believe that acne has hereditary components, depending on what type of acne. Hormonal acne, i believe, CAN be hereditary. I have it , and my siblings had/have it.

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