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FML? more like FMacne

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hey guys i had another post originally butttt i felt like make a new one cuz i'm on a new dose now.

Ok so again, I'm 16 and I started accutane around 2 weeks ago.

I'm only on 10mg a day now, and I used to be on 20mg a day. It's kind of freaking me out cuz I'm scared that this is too low of a dose and I'm going on vacation for like 6 weeks, so I won't be seeing my derm for that long! I'm scared my acne will come back (cuz it's cleared up by like 50%) but hey I'm not the one with the 100,000 dollar degree. But if any of you have any success stories or have personal experience with low dose accutane then PLEEEEEEASE let me know. i am in dire need of encouragement and strength!!!


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Day 18

I am not entirely sure what to make of my skin...I keep getting random little fragments of hell called whiteheads on my facee...so idk if my skin's getting better or worse

I never really got like an initial break out but as I mentioned earlier the white heads just keep coming. Does this mean my skin is like purging all the crap from the pores??

My skin IS definitely drier, which is a good thing :)

Good luck to all of youXXX

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your 16...your still goin through puberty so its prob better your on a low dosage..hows it look now?

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