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Dr Pickart on scar revision

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If you do a search on Copper Peptides, you'll see that there are a lot of people who here have used his products and tried his method of abrasion along with CPs and none of them have reported seeing results. So, I'm skeptical. The idea sounds great in theory, but doesn't seem to work in practice.

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RentStuff, I post this in defence of your position on hyaluronic acid http://www.nytimes.com/2008/08/19/health/1...no_interstitial

I am not so quick to agree on Terproline until I see some double blind studies. It is so difficult to find actual research that isn't a sales pitch. Interest seems to be growing on Terproline so time will tell.



Copper peptides

Copper is a trace element found in every cell. In topical products, it's combined with small protein fragments called peptides. Copper peptides enhance wound healing. They also stimulate production of collagen and may enhance the action of antioxidants.

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KatieKat, thanks for the links to what seems like an informative site. I have trouble believing all that Dr Pickart is putting out, but because of the research done on copper peptides I continue to use them. That link I posted on Terproline was the only one I could find that was not a sales pitch. I searched the CosmeticDesign site but came up empty handed.

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