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Have noticed a difference in ONLY a FEW days.

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Ok. I think one of the biggest problems in fighting acne is that the cause of it is so individual for different people. I'm not talking about people who get one or two breakouts every month or so (those people are also called 'NORMAL' and frankly it irritates me when they try to group themselves as chronic acne sufferers... :boohoo: ....) But this lifestyle change can benefit ANYONE, whether they have acne or not.

Like it or not, the old saying is true. You are what you eat. This is not a holistic treatment i'm proposing. Just damn simple common sense and rational choices. For example, you may THINK you're eating healthy, but did you know that a can of tomato soup contains more than 700 milligrams of salt and about 10 grams of sugar? Tomato soup sounds healthy. But if it comes in a can, likely its not. You'll find this with most packaged foods, in fact.

So here is what I've done over only the past week and a half to make positive lifestyle changes. I'll warn you people, its like anything else. It's not a quick fix, its not easy and it requires a complete reworking of a lifestyle that is potentially very unhealthy. But if that's your problem, this will work for you. And it will likely be the only thing that does.

1. I cut out gluten. I mean ALL gluten. No wheat, no grains. Period. This includes my hair and skin care products. Anything containing wheat went in the trash and was replaced with a wheat free alternative. Gluten is in more than you realize. Its in canned soups, most delicious snacks, all bread, crackers, cookies, cakes, pies. Basically anything that is starch and not rice ( or specifically touted as gluten free) will contain wheat. Get rid of it.

Now I'll warn you.. you won't like it. Your body will rebel. But you have to try. And you can't go halfsies on gluten either. If you're sensitive to it, it's an all or nothing struggle. Any amount of gluten, if you are sensitive, will throw your system out of whack. NObody needs wheat gluten. But some of us can't handle it at all.

--i didn't notice much change in my skin yet. But this was the beginning of my body healing itself so these things are slow going. Don't lose heart and give up just because there are very few instantaneous results.

Now, on to breaking addiction two...

2. SUGAR. I cannot stress this enough. Get refined or excessive sugar out of the house! Sugar triggers massive production of insulin, which means the liver has to work harder to process it. The liver can only do so much. If its overloaded, toxins don't get processed properly. I firmly believe, like sugar addicts (which i was) drug addicts have bad skin for the exact same reason. Once the insulin kicks in the brain thinks "Hey! We have a ton of quick energy! Let's release hormones that can allow us to use that energy while we have it) Androgens (male hormones) are suddenly over-produced in both sexes along with a number of other energy-using hormones. These hormones wreak absolute havoc on things like skin.. especially in women.

To cut out sugar, you have to be ready to really make a serious lifestyle change. You have to ask yourself if its worth it. It sounds easy, but like gluten, sugar is in everything. All diet food is very high in sugar, for example, so if you're trying to lose weight, you have to trust me that these foods are NOT helping you (sugar not used is stored as blood fat anyway so you're not doing yourself any favours) Most packaged food has a ridiculous sugar content. As i said before, tomato soup has about 10 grams of sugar per can.

It will suck. If you ARE a sugar addict, again, like i am, you'll suffer a number of disturbing effects when you cut it out. Irritability, sleeplessness, hunger, depression.. mild withdrawl symptoms. these will plague you short term. But these feelings go away within a few days. Especially if you see your skin starting to clear up. :)

-- cutting out sugar so far has had the most drastic effect on my skin. It started clearing up almost immediately and has been steadily clearing (slowly) over the last week.

3. Vitamins. This is very important because certain vitamins aid in the production of healthy new cells, toxin management, nutritional management and hormone control. Right now I am on a high dose of a few vitamins (talk to your doctor first before trying anything crazy!) Here is a list of what i take daily. I plan to add to to this list once i get used to all of these


Vitamin C


Omega 3

The B vitamins

There may be more that are beneficial, but through my research this is what I've found to be most likely to help so far.

Look, I wish there was a quick fix for acne. For some people, there are. They simply don't get a breakout that lasts for 6 months or more, they get a pimple that might last a week. These people have healthier, faster livers than we do. Their bodies can effectively deal with excessive toxins. Ours cannot.

Unfortunately when you start this regime, its easy to lose heart. Because you WILL NOT likely see instant results. Your body has to DETOX. Your skin is the outward manifestation of what's going on inside somewhere so there is probably a LOT of healing that has to take place when you finally start eating well. Your skin is just one priority for your body to heal.

And you may also get a breakout during this time. Your body will be going through lots of changes and that can trigger a breakout. It did for me. Luckily, it was a very mild one and it began to heal quickly. (both good signs for me...) The stress from cutting out sugar and gluten can cause a break out or two but don't lose heart... your body WILL adjust.

I never had a single pimple as a teenager. I WANTED one so i could be like everyone else. Then, i moved away from home and into a dorm and started buying my own food. And that's when everything went wrong. My parents were low sugar, no processed foods, holistic cooks. My skin fared very well on their diet. On my own, not so well..

Also, if you smoke, you're breaking out from that. It's time to give smoking up too. And any excessive drug or alcohol use. Kick the late night stress-study sessions and manage your time better. Do twice the laundry you normally do (pillow cases, wash TWICE a week, not once)

Just change your life. It works. Slowly.. its not a miracle.. just common sense. But it will give you results if you're diligent and committed to change. I am not totally clear yet but almost every day it looks a little better. The biggest change i've noticed, that happened the fastest was the change in my skin tone. It evened out and started looking healthy and pink. The redness in my acne went down considerably (some of these spots are still healing but they're not longer the unsightly red they were before)

Unfortunately, for those of you who have nutritionally-irritated acne like i'm starting to think I do, you have some tough choices and changes to make... it isn't easy. But its worth it.

Don't trust what works fast. Trust what works STEADILY.


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great post btw.

I think this is what people mean when they say they 'grew out' of acne.

It is meant like 'I grew up/realized I need to eat clean to look clean'.

It really is pretty straightforward, but as a kid I had no idea what that expression meant.

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great post btw.

I think this is what people mean when they say they 'grew out' of acne.

It is meant like 'I grew up/realized I need to eat clean to look clean'.

It really is pretty straightforward, but as a kid I had no idea what that expression meant.

Well for me, it was more severe than this. My parents were both very holistic and natural in their approach to nutrition.. but (and i'm embarrassed to admit this) we had someone to cook for us. So i never learned how to take care of myself properly without help. (Humiliating to admit, but there you go) As soon as i left home, i had no idea what to do with my diet. And for years, i just ate takeout, junk food and candy. I was very lucky that i never got fat... but because i was always very thin, i never realized what i was doing to myself. Both my pancreas and my liver suffered ill effects from my diet. And this showed in my skin. In every way, i was a malnourished, obese person trapped in a 90 pound figure. I just didn't GET IT.

I started fainting regularly about a year ago and that's when i began to think that my skin and all my other little health problems were possibly connected. About a month ago, i said enough is enough and began to look into healthier alternatives.

Gillian McKeith is the best resource outside of my own doctors. Her recipes, her approach to good health and diet and her hard core 'tough love' approach were just what i needed to see to wake me up. I no longer eat a donut for breakfast (if i ate anything at all!!) . I eat grapefruit (great for your skin!) and salmon for breakfast now. Pumpkin seeds instead of corn nuts for snacks and fish for lunch instead of nothing.

Today was a turning point in my skin. Usually when i wake up in the morning, my skin was at its worst. Red, puffy, new breakouts.. Mornings were the worst. This morning, I felt different. I woke up and went to the mirror.


There are still a few small spots. But they're healing rapidly.

I believe that if I am correct in my diet beliefs, I should have clear skin (just like i did in high school!!) by the end of July.

Please, people. listen to me and take me seriously.

BEFORE: Acne and breakouts that were red, inflamed and angry looking, from my cheeks to the bottom of my neck (I never had forehead acne.. just lower on my face.. I looked like a meth addict. It was humiliating) . MY skin tone was patchy and blotchy and I also had bad breakouts on my back and bum. A breakout could easily last six months without healing, with new breakouts appearing on top of that. AND... I HAD tried proactiv as well as most skin care products that PROMISE to help. I tried antibiotics. I tried face masks. The only thing I didn't try was accutane. I'm SOOO glad i didn't.

NOW: No new breakouts (one new pimple at the start of my period, otherwise non) No more redness and much more even skin tone. A breakout (if it happens) lasts about two or three days, and heals almost the second it shows up. My back is almost entirely clear, as is my bum. AND the dizziness and fainting have stopped. I had joint pain before that is gone. I have a ton more energy and I look 17 again.

It was so much easier than taking drugs (AGAIN) or trying yet ANOTHER round of antibiotics. Its hard to do, but no more weird drugs for me, I hope!!

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