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is this ok for my 12 year old daughter?

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Is Dan's regime too harsh for a 12 year old's skin? Daughter is on minocycline(sp?) 100mg once a day, and clindamycine gel once a day. Is working, but not like I had hoped for. She is still breaking out with new ones. She has been on the antibiotics and gel for about 2 weeks, maybe a little more. Please help, I feel so sorry for her, it's hard enough breaking out as an adult, but being 12, esp. when all of her friends have never even had a zit yet! She even declined a swimming party because of her back and face. thanks in advance for ya'lls help. I will be going to Walmart later today, and if there is specific products that Dan has listed that ya'll think will help, please let me know.

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You might give her prescriptions more time to work. It often takes many acne medications a few months to work.

But as for safety, benzoyl peroxide is approved for use in people age 12 and up, according to my drug book.

If she has sensitive skin, you'll want to instruct her to start out with a small amount and slowly work her way up to the amount that Dan suggests over a few weeks time, then continue with the full amount.

Here is the list of recommended products for doing the Regimen.


And here is the Regimen instructions: http://www.acne.org/regimen.html

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