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Ok so i started taking tazorac a reallly long time ago. I don't even know when. probably last november. my skin was totally clear by around february. However, i had severe red marks. i started doing a lot of things to get rid of the red marks such as glycolic acid peels, baking soda, mild herbal exfoliants, ACV etc. i started to break out. Now my acne is ... back again, and i can't understand why. it wont seem to go away anymore, when before i didn't have to worry about it. in panic, i've started using BP also to cope with the breakouts. I also have totally changed my diet to a much more healthy ones and have been taking a ton of vitamins. however, nothing seems to reverse the shift to seemingly incredibly acne prone skin. I started contemplating that perhaps my skin had gotten used to the previous doses of tazorac, so i've started taking a "big pea" sized dose, when before i hardly took a pea sized at all. My dermatologist can't see me for another month almost for whatever reason. Has anyone had a similar experience? I have no idea what to do, and i'm in somewhat of a panic (I leave for debate camp day after tommorow. I have to make a good impression in front of the people who will be judging me next year). What should i do?

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Between Feb and now, was there a period of time that you didnt use Tazorac? I'm thinking maybe that you are going through the initial breakout again on the second time of using Tazorac. Also, using a bigger pea size doesnt make it work better, I would say that going from .05 strength to .1 strength would be more effective.

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