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Some q's on new regimen

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So I've been on Retin A micro (.04%) for about 6 months.. I will admit that I do break out less than I used to, but I still have a lot of acne on my face that still hasn't cleared up in months. Went to the derm, he put me on minocycline and bumped me up to Retin-A .1% cream. Told me if it didn't work in 2-3 months, come back and I'll start on accutane.

I do have a few questions

1) Has anyone gone from .04% to .1% and actually noticed a difference? Did anyone notice little from .04%, but notice an improvement with .1%?

2) I'm also prescribed to use benzaclin twice a day. I read that benzoyl peroxide can make the effects of retin-a nonexistant. Right now, I apply the benzaclin/moisturizer about 30 mins before I apply the retin-a. Is this enough time, or should I not be applying it at night when I put on the retin-a?

3) Minocylcin.. waste of time like doxycycline? Derm told me he had some really powerful antibiotics that would probably clear me up in a few months easily, but he'd rather do these first since it doesn't have many side effects. I was on doxy for a few months and it did nothing, so I'm a little worried about this stuff.

4) I've been told by two dermatologists now that my acne isn't scarring. However, I have a lot of active/inactive acne on my face that has literally been there from a few months up to almost two years. Is there a difference between that and scarring?

Thanks for the answers

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Ya, but can't answer questions two and four.

My derm switched it up. She put me on .1 from .04 to accelerate the healing. The peeling started again, but my skin was able to handle it. My red marks were stubborn, so the change did help.

Mino and Doxy both worked. Mino wore off, so I tried Doxy and had great results in a month. I was on Mino for seven months*. I stayed with Doxy for a month and a half, and made the decision to wean off of it. Can you afford to try Mino? Give it a couple of months to see if it works, and if it does, be sure to wean off of it. Don't stay on an antibiotic for over six months.

*Hypocrite much? lol

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Can't answer #4.

1) Yes. .o4 did nothing for me whereas .1 cleared me up about 80% AHA and clindamycin got me to about 95%

2)you should not put anything else on your face pre retinA and post should only be moisturizer or AHA (only after your skin's gotten adjusted to retinA); you can use bp products during the a.m. though

3)I think my first derm prescribed mono. and it was a waste of time and money, I found Bactrum to work awesome for me you should ask your derm about it, and definitely google it to find out all you can about it

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