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Serendity with moisturizer and BP

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Two nights ago, I noticed that I was starting to get a new pimple in an area where pimples tend to get big ones. Ugh. So I put a little dab of Dan's BP on it, let it seep in, and then as an experiment, I put a dab of moisturizer (Burt's Bees Marshmallow Vanishing Creme) on top of the pimple. I never used to do this, as I always thought moisturizer would make a budding pimple worse. But I figured that a pimple is an inflammation and why not put something on it that would soothe inflammations???

Well... The next morning, there was very little swelling and there was just the teeniest, tiniest white head. It was almost...cute. And unnoticeable after I put a touch of blush on. (I never use concealer b/c it makes me look worse.) Right now, the teeny tiny white head is just about dried up.

So here's my theory: The marshmallow extract in my moisturizer is calming, so it must have controlled the swelling. The BP kept the area free of bacteria, plus it dried the skin out.

My skin is typically 95 to 98% clear (I just have that baby whitehead and a fading mark left from a pimple on my cheek, which has been going away rapidly with the use of diluted lemon juice), but it always annoys me when I see a pimple starting and then gets bigger, despite putting just BP on it for several days. Eventually, the pimple would go away, but it would take five days for the swelling to go down and another five for it to start fading. So, if you're like me and can tell when one is starting (for me, it's usually a very faint, raised pink dot in an area where my pores are large), apply a little BP AND moisturizer on it. It works.



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