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Nick Lowe/Blemish Complex/Clean and Clear...

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Well, im at a bit of a dead end product-wise (as always). My dove extra senstive/olay combo is failing miserably, so im in desperate need of something new to complement the regimen. Therefore ive been browsing boots/superdrug in search of an acne-designed cleanser/moisturizer beyond the generic (+useless) clearasil/oxy type brands.

Came across a few things (slightly more pricey)- 'Nick Lowe's anti-blemish range' http://www.drnicklowe.com/antiblemishrange.html

that has a 'sebum control' and oil control cleasner and moisturizer with salycilic acid.

Also theres a 'Blemish complex clarifying cleanser' that boasts some rave reviews but it a striking 20 quid!

Only other medicated moisturizer i could find was 'clean and clear dual action' - a steal at 2.50...

has anyone used/does anyone use these products??? because they all look like they are worth a crack. any advice would be awesome before i start throwing my money away.

thanks a bunch,


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Hi Tom, I used a couple of his products cos I thought that paying more may mean that it's more effective plus the guy is a dermatologist so he's staking his reputation on the efficacy of his products.

However, I used the cleanser (no noticable difference) and the spot gel (totally ineffective. It'd be cheaper and probably better to use toothpaste!!) In saying that, judging by this site, and the individual cause/type of acne, what works for one person may be a total waste of time for someone else. I guess it's all about trial and error, which is a total bummer I know!!

Currently I've recently shipped over some Mario Badescu from the US so giving that a whirl. My housemate had her skin totally clear up using that.

Best of luck on your mission though. :comfort:

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hi kazza, thanks for your help. your absoloutely right- its easy to get sucked in by a range with an expert at the helm...and, passing boots, i just couldnt resist and bought the 'duo pack' for twenty quid that has an 'oil control cleanser' and a moisturizer. Have to admit the medicated moisturizer is a gem (pricey at 14 quid by itself mind)- made a pretty noticable difference for sure over two days- plus it has uv filters- score!. As for the cleanser- its more like a toner than a wash- (turns out you can get a foaming wash also) but its not too drying, so il stick with it (not wasting 9 quid that easily!). Took your advice and avoided the treatment gel. Quinoderm and benzoyl peroxide usually does the trick for me. From my experience sacicylic acid helps prevent but not to treat. Will soon find out if the theory holds true!

Itd be great though if you could let me know how the mario badescu range goes.... what sort of acne was your friend treating with it if you dont mind me asking?


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Hiya, she had cystic acne, quite bad aswell. Don't know if she used anything other than M.B tho and we aren't in touch anymore. In saying that, you'd think that even if a product is effective, it won't keep the spots at bay forever, given that acne is caused by a hormone imbalance. Certainly they returned with me, even after having my skin completely clear using antibiotics. Presumably it's cos you need to get to the root of the problem.

It's really sad that in this day and age people have to suffer so much due to some stubborn spots! If acne's due to hormone imbalances, you'd think they would've created a pill by now that you could take to just rectify the problem, wouldn't you? It really hack's me off sometimes. I dunno why some people are just plain unlucky and have their life blighted whereas others can sail through life with totally clear skin! :doh: Best of luck on your quest tho. ; )

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