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BP Eye irritation

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Hi All,

I've been using Dan's regimen for several months now. Two days ago, I completely blanked and went to the gym with a whole application of BP and Moisturizer on my face. I figured this out pretty quickly when I started sweating, and my eyes caught fire. Being the moron I am, I simply wiped my eyes. (Probably loading them up with a fresh batch of BP/sweat runoff in the process), and finished my workout.

The next day, I noticed my eyes felt "scratchy" and irritated. They feel the same today, though I can't really say if there's been any improvement or not. They're not red or puffy, they just feel "scratched" or "burned", like I'm wearing really dirty contact lenses.

Anyone here with the unfortunate experience of getting BP into their eyes? Is this irritation something that takes awhile to finally go away? After 48 hours, it's getting a little old is all.

Thanks in advance! :)

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I've gotten BP on my eyelids several times recently.(Kept rubbing eyes when my hand still had moisturizer residue with BP) Got out of the habit now, but when my eyelids had even a little bit of BP, my eyes would burn so much that it was difficult to see clearly. The burning lasted 12 hours at most, but I couldn't feel it most of the time because I was asleep(I do PM regimen only)

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