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AZ Tyler

Im on Day 1 of my No picking challenge

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Im so happy i found this website. Right now small pimples arent even a problem im talkin about the open cuts after you dig for gold as my family says haha I have a lot of self inlficted wounds on my face and its time to heal them. The sad thing is my face was clear for a little bit but i got lazy cuz i thought it was healing but no. Acne will always come back strong if you mess up once. So now im going to do a 2 Week test to heal my skin.

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i dont know about everybody else but sometimes if i leave a spot it takes longer to heal compared to some in the past that i've had the urge to squeeze, its strange for example one week i had one and left it, it took over 2 weeks to heal and there was still a mark where it had been, another time i had a spot that i couldnt stop myself from squeezing (the 'safe' way) that cleared in about 4-5 days with less of a mark, they were about the same size and type of spot.

im not saying people should pick away at them, but sometimes it can be a good thing if done properly.


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I think it all depends on the nature of the spot.. Im not expert but i think it depends on how far in it is under the skin. If you take the top off and don't clear it then thats when it gets worse :/

Well from experiences it seems like that ;D

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