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Whos your health care provider?

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After researching the cost of Accutane I realized that it would probably be cheaper to pay for a monthly health insurance plan.

I’ve been shopping around for an insurance co. that will cover Accutane; Derm visits, labs and prescriptions, with a reasonable co pay.

I currently have no insurance and I have not yet started Accutane but hopefully by mid July or August I’ll start.

So just to get a general idea, Who’s your health care provider?

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i don't have insurance anymore, but when i was on accutane i had Harvard Pilgrim. i don't recommend them because they only pay for 30% of labwork and wouldn't cover my derma visits. the copay for a generic version of accutane was like 10$.

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i have aetna. i pay a $40 copay for each dermatologist visit, and 20% of the cost of labwork. (cost so far of that--month 1, i payed $250-300 because i had to satisfy my yearly deductible on top of the 20%, and also the labwork was more extensive than it will typically be because it was the first month; month 2 i payed less than $50. i'm waiting for a bill for the visit i just had a couple of days ago.)

oh, and i pay $10 for each prescription.

the copay for the visit is a little bit expensive compared to some other insurance providers, i think? but i'm used to having no insurance at all, so it doesn't seem that bad to me.

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Doesn't sound so bad, Aetna...i'll have to look into it, thanks.

Being a cash patient Im use to paying anywhere from $60 to $120 per derm visit, depending on what she does (cortisone injections, glycolic acid peels, etc..)

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