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My diet

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I read many valuable posts in this forum. I want to ask something. I want to create my own diet regimen. I want a simple way to do that. I want to ask what i need to eat, exactly. I know that there are many bad things in various products, but the people like me can't be sure if some particular product fits correctly to him/her.

Sorry for my english..


Eggs (boiled etc)

Some vegetables or fruits (for example, cucumber, cabbage, lettuce)

Coconut Oil


Meat (chiken, turkey, pork, beef)

Fish (excepting salmon)

Vegetables or fruits

Taking acidad food: lemon juice. Drink least 5 cups of water daily.

Not to eat: avoid sugar, dairy, potatoes, avoid leaven, mushrooms.

What about bread and grains?

I also take Omega-H3 a nutrient health supplement daily.

I want you concretize food which i can eat.

It's hard to live all the time with those bastards. :cry:

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Grains, especially wheat and other gluten containing grains are among the top things you should try avoiding to see if you have an intolerance for them. And even if you don't you should limit them especially in the form of breads, cake, cookies, etc., because of their GI and because gluten is difficult to digest and damages intestinal linings.

Since you say you are avoiding mushrooms and leavening (yeast?), I'm guessing you are trying an anti-candida diet? If so, you do need to avoid breads and refined grains and fruit. This is meant to be temporary, though.

Good Luck.

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