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After years of struggling with acne... im clear

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As with all cases of acne it started with just a single pimple. Then it grew to a few more pimples... and before I knew it my face was a battlefield. Well, I've won the war. And I know when credit is due, so thank you acne.org for supplying me with the most powerful weapon ever - bp.

I first started this regimen to no avail. In fact, it made my condition even worse. At about 2 weeks in I made the foolish mistake of using the Alpha Hydroxide Acid and now that I look back.. I really smothered both of those over my face. The first week of the regimen was amazing because I had zero pimples on my face. I was so impressed and continued to use more and more of the stuff. Eventually, I reached the point to where I used two pumps of BP and quite a bit of AHH thinking all of these chemicals would do the trick. I looked so terrible and I couldn't stare anyone in the eye. I shrugged the first week off thinking I was lucky or something. It was too heart-wrenching knowing that they would see these red bumps on my face. I did whatever I could to avoid socializing with anyone. I was at an all time low.

Well I gave up on the stuff and I stopped. During that entire time period of me using the BP regimen I was encouraging others to keep on trying because I believed it would work. But once I hit my rock bottom a few weeks after Christmas I posted my "Unsuccess Story" on the forums here claiming that all of this was just a failure of a product and it wouldn't work. You may remember me.

For a month, I used zero products and thought that this would help to some extent and of course it did. But I was still a wreck. I didn't know what to turn to, but I did remember a single post in my "Unsuccess Story" thread that said I should return to using just half-pump of BP. Well, I did. Week by week my skin got clearer and clearer until it had become the point where for the past two or three weeks I have not had any pimples. Can I not stress ANY more than that? I just stuck to this simple routine of cetaphil cleanser + 3/4 a pump of BP and moisturizer twice a day. It's not even time consuming because the BP dries up so quickly. I cannot stress how much happier I am than seven months ago. My red marks (Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation) are clearing up steadily too. Maybe even by the end of Summer when school starts up again I'll be clear of this stuff :)

So I thank you acne.org. Thank you for letting me blossom to my full self again. Thank you for helping me win this struggle in my life. I know the rest of you on these forums will find your own cure, but just give it time and keep searching. :)

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I do not understand why your 1st time was a unsuccess story and not your second time a success story ?

Personally, I have a non-success story and I do not know why?

Do you think 2 pumps of BP was too much for you? Is this the reason?

What moisturizer do you use now?

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what process did you find successful with the regimen exactly? just BP once a day?

It says in his post:

I just stuck to this simple routine of cetaphil cleanser + 3/4 a pump of BP and moisturizer twice a day.

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yea the first time around I used way too much BP and AHH but once I accepted that too much of these chemicals were harmful I began only using 3/4 a pump and I was able to clear up. Oh and as for the moisturizer I use a single pump of neutrogena oil-free moisturizer + 1 drop of dan's jojoba oil.

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