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didn't get scars before, now getting them...

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hi, i'm 18 years old and i frequently gets 2 or 3 pimples a week but its nothing big because it will go away within a 2 or 3 weeks. Usually it won't leave behind any red marks or scars. However, i donno what changed, i've been getting a lot of acne lately and most of my acnes is left behind with red marks and scars. Maybe i was just lucky before that i didn't get any red marks or scars? =/ or is there something i'm doing wrong...

i'm using

tea tree oil in the morning

and BP in the afternoon

at night i usually use bio oil...

i'm not sure if these little things contributes to the fact that i'm getting red marks and scars.

- getting 6 hours of sleep everyday

- using tea tree oil

- stress..( yea... school...but i was fine last year even with school)

well honestly i had all of these last year but then when my acne goes away leaving nothing behind but now.... sigh.... what did i do wrong...

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Vitamins bro, I suggest to start taking MULTIVITAMIN daily.. you could also try hydronic acid supplement.

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I used BP for years and while it was pretty good for preventing spots, for those that DID come up it seemed to stop them healing, leading to increased red marks / scars. I would suggest the BP is probably to blame, so don't use it on bits of skin that are trying to heal.

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