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pronexin and acnepril, do they work??

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ok so i have had bacne for about a year now. i am always embarrassed to go swimming and stuff because of my back, and i am also embarrased to wear cute summer clothes for worries that my back may be exposed. i have tried countless acne washes and scrubs and treatments. i am a little skeptical on supplements because i dont want to mess my insides all up. i was looking at acne review sites and the top two acne treatments were pronexin (an acne wash) and acnepril (a supplement). they are both supposed to be all natural, so i thought it wouldnt hurt to try them. but before i part with my money i would like to get some feed back from people who have maybe used it, or know about it. i dont really trust the sites that you buy them off of because they could put anything on them, and the last thing i want to do is get something that would make my bacne worse.

if you know anything please let me know.

thanks so much!!!

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I agree that you should ask your doctor, but few people take into consideration that this county is a drug, drug, drug country...I spent18 months in England and 3 in Germany, I had been dealing with acne for about 3 years and I can tell you I love national health care system over there. Not only because it only cost me $5.00 but the dermatologists doesn't immediately jump to his prescription pad...Dr Geresen in Bonn told me to use Lerosett before I did anything else, I'm glad I did because I love the stuff..

I think because the state pays for your medication they dont want to give you expensive drugs before they try the most simple option first and in my case I was glad they did. If doctors in America had less drug reps visiting them over and over "favors" maybe some doctors would do the same thing over here, instead of writing a $200 script off the bat..


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