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Differin and aspirin mask

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hi :)

i have been on this differin regimen for about a month now, i use Cetaphil has a cleanser 2 times per day (morning and night), and im on EryFluid 4%, i use it every morning, and i use differin 0.1% cream at night.

Since i started using differin my face just passed from a huge pimple to a thousand little ones, which is annoying because they easly get infected. I have like a thousand of this little bumps on my both cheeks (only) , think they are hardly seen at day light, however, when seen from a certain prespective, it gets really... really ugly :s, because of this sometimes i just fear looking people in the eyes or just being close to them, because they might see this huge load of bumps caused by the differin.

well im really desperate right now, because... thts not my only problem, i also have this little empire of blackheads on my really oily nose, which i recently found out that had been caused by the lack of moisturizers (which i started using recently and looks like my nose lost some oilyness :think: )

i was almost falling into depression (lol) and then i heard about this aspirin mask, i was told that it softens your skin, reduces redness and lowers your bumps, and also can work as an exfoliator on the nose (gr8 :D), so basicly all i wanted to ask is:

- Is it safe to use?

- does it compermise my differin treatment? (Because i just dont wanna throw away 1 month and half of pure suffering and pain -.-")

- and how often, and how should i use it?

If u can answer this 3 simple questions i would be very grateful :) (btw if you know of a better way to treat those nose blackheads please tell me, because right now thats what bothers me the most)

Sry for the bad english, and thank you :)

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I've never used an aspirin mask with Differin, but I have used Differin .1% for about a year now.

I will move this to the topicals forum.

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