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..come out of your character and wish serious evil upon someone/ a stranger? :)

Today there was some guy that thought he was the shiznit with his flashy car and top rolled down, he saw my face and cringed like nobody's business. I caught from the corner of my eye as his car had to stop right in front of me because of traffic as I stood by the bus stop. He made it his task to show that he was disgusted by my less than perfect appearance and then further made it his task to show he was disgusted by turning his head when I looked at him, cringing still and almost wringing his neck because he was turning it further and further to stop looking my way.

At that point did he think I thought he was cute that's why I turned his way, fucking bastard? :) No, you bastard, I didn't turning my head your way because I thought, phwaor what a fucking hunk in the flipping flashy car, i'm probably in his league....no you fucking bastard!! :) I turned my head your way because I can't believe how rude and mean, and inconsiderate some people are! So my face looks like the bumpy surface of the moon and on top of that I have to add on oily foundation but so fucking what, that makes you fucking better than me, you fucking bastard?! :)

May your flashy car get stolen then trashed, may your house burn down with all your belongings, may you discover 20 spots on your flucking face when you wake up tomorrow and may all the girls..or boys in your blackbook see you all at once when you're looking yor worst and may they cuss you down so hard that you will run to an unknown hole and never wish to return to civilisation again.

Ok, that was nice to get off my chest....

now i'm a suffering angel again.. :angel:

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Lol nice.

Sometimes i wish that people would suffer from acne just so they notice how lucky they are with flawless skin - Thats life

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