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Changing Products and Some Questions

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Hello everyone. I've just registered and I'm completely new here.

To start of, I'm from the Philippines.

If I am to follow Dan's regimen, is it alright if I use commercially available products like Cetaphil (or Neutrogena), PanOxyl 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide and Clean and Clear oil-free moisturizer? I find it a hassle to order online and I don't like the idea that I still have to get the products abroad.

I'm 21 by the way. I used to suffer from moderate acne (papules and pustules) and occasional cystic acne in the whole of my teenage year. I've tried many products from Pond's anti-acne solutions, Cetaphil, Olay anti-blemish and the Garnier set (facial wash, toner and moisturizer). They somehow alleviated my chronic acne but I still wasn't pleased.

Since I turned 20, my acne has been reduced to mild by having only a few red spots and some whiteheads (which I reckon that acne also reduces as you age). I now use ONLY L'Oreal Pure Zone with Salicylic Acid (which is better than the ENTIRE Garnier set) and St. Ives Apricot Scrub and my face has been MUCH better, although the area around my lips would dry out.

My other question is does the DKR work effectively with mild acne as well or is it especially designed for moderate and severe acne?

Thank you.

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Yes, it's completely fine to use products that are available to you locally. Dan even recommends several widely available alternatives to his products here.

And The Regimen is wonderful for mild acne. Just be sure to read through the instructions, the What To Expect page, the Biggest Mistakes page, and the FAQs before you start so that you're good and prepared.

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