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small whiteheads stink!

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I have i'd say about 10 small whiteheads (skin colored) on my forehead. what do you do to treat those? does bp work?

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Yeah I've got some of those. I really don't know how to prevent them but i guess applying some BP gel wont hurt.

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BP works sometimes- it really depends on the formula.

I break out in whiteheads for frequently than actual pimples and I've found a few things that help reduce them/speed up their healing:

1) (Very top of the list!!!) Exfoliate!!! Exfoliating helps me get rid of them much quicker!

2) Egg white with aspirin mask (it's a gem!)

3) Honey with extra sugar mask

4) Lavender Essential Oil (applied only to the whitehead area. I'm sure Tea Tree Oil would work too, but my baby skin can barely handle small amounts of Lavender let alone Tea Tree)

5) Facial steaming (this works, but you really have to be consistent)

Those are my favorite methods of whitehead removal. Also if it's really bad and you have the money and resources, facialists (estheticians... I think thats how you spell it) can extract the whiteheads during a facial.

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BP may work, but I would put more stock in a retinol (either Retin-A, Tazorac, or Differin(technically an adapalene) ). These medications take up to 12 weeks to see results though. It may be worth the patience.

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