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Im a 20 yr old female that hasnt really suffered with acne as a teen. I had my second child about a year ago and am currently breastfeeding. My menstruation returned about 3 months ago which is around the same time I have been having breakouts. About a month ago I had a pimple that would not go away so I tried everything but nothing worked. I tried toothpaste but that just burned my skin and left me with a dry patch of skin with the same bump underneath. I stupidly peeled the skin and tried to poke a hole in the skin with a needle to try and squeeze out the pimple but nothing came out and I was just left with patch of raw skin. After a week the patch turned into what I though was a cold sore but it wasnt connected to my mouth but rather on my chin so I went to the doctor who said it was impetigo (Staph or strep infection). After a week of antibiotics it cleared completely. He also prescribed clindamycin topical gel and benzoyl peroxide 5% to help with my breakouts. I also seen my ob to try birth control because a majority of the breakouts were on my chin and mouth area. I am currently on my 2nd week of Zovia. It seems to be controlling my acne. However I noticed that I am always getting small whiteheads on my face especially in the tzone. They are not that noticeable but they still bother me. I am wondering if the clindamycin is causing bacteria to exit my pores thus causing the small whiteheads. Has anyone experienced the same thing while using clindamycin topical gel? I wash my face 3x a day first with aveno ultra calming face wash, then with BP. I then apply clindamycin mostly on areas prone to acne. I use cetaphil facial mosturizer with spf whenever I go out or apply make up. I haven't switched makeup so i doubt thats the problem. Does anyone have an idea of what could be causing this?

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