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Am I screwed?

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In 11 days I am shipping out to basic training for the Army. From what i understand nothing as far as beauty products can be brought along. Last year i lived in california and it was near impossible to keep cleared up, i dont know why but when i moved back to wyoming i didnt even need to use the regimen for the longest of time. I was content because naturally my acne reduced to nothing. Summer came around and it kicked up slightly and i started the regimen again to control it and as i thought im near acne free again.

Now i know georgia is hot and humid...im not gonna be able to have the regimen at all. Ill be working out like crazy and some severe rubbing and irritation on the back. I am not sure how showering works but i doubt its anything great. And when i think of georgia i think of grimy wet bacteria ridden scum all over my face and back=[

Do you think im gonna break out horribly over the time im in basic training? I really wanna look good for graduation and when i get to see my girl for the first time in months...id hate to be self conscious and hiding my face when i see her =/. And if any of you went through basic training any tips on how i may be able to manage my acne?

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Well I don't know if soap would be considered a beauty product per se, but a necessity to good hygiene. Therefore, I suggest purchasing Cetaphil Antibacterial soap, or Purpose (I'm pretty sure they have a soap). Hopefully they are either white or clear, you know, normal looking soap. No one should ask any questions. So you have a cleanser. I think BP would be considered a beauty product, right? Okay, so find a real good moisturizer. Make sure it has SPF in it, not only for protection, but so you can say "Oh, this is my SPF" not "Oh, this is my moisturizer." Now I think there's a Neutrogena moisturizer that has Glycolic Acid in it (this is your treatment) and it MIGHT have SPF in it too. Another user can clarify on that one. Furthermore, I think - and here another user with more knowledge can clarify - that the B5 vitamin helps the skin a lot. Vitamins are not beauty products!

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I went to boot camp almost 10yrs ago (still active duty BTW), and no you can't take any items that are not on your allowed list; including soap. You can take underpants, undershirts, & prescription medication (handed in to Medical the 1st day) and not really anything else, unless you are told otherwise. If you take anything extra it will be confiscated or kept until you leave, but than likely thrown away.

Ask your recruiter.

Congrats BTW.

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