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I bought some j. oil (jojoba oil) yesterday from a local health food store to try it out and I'm loving this stuff! NOT crazy about the container/dispenser top though, and think my next bottle will come from DK's store if only for the dropper topped bottle!

In the meantime, I've been experimenting with it. Love it on my lips!

I also pumped some of my el cheapo body lotion (Suave) into my palm, added a couple of drops of j. oil to it and slathered my arms and shoulders. Then did my legs. Love the softness that carried over even to this a.m.

My bottle of el cheapo body lotion will run out before long and I'll want to get a new bottle. However, I can be a bit prone to some back and shoulder acne (though not too bad) so I wanted to get some ideas from those of ya'll who know which products would be better for the skin in general.

I'm not looking for a super great moisturizing body lotion ... one that is "just okay" is totally fine because I am planning to add j. oil to it and let the j. oil do the real work, using the lotion as the carrier for the j. oil. Know what I mean??

So, my main criteria for my next body lotion purchase ... :

1) Limited budget, so fairly/reasonably inexpensive ...

2) Okay for somewhat sensitive skin ...

3) Not necessary that it be a great moisturizer, as it's job is to serve more as a carrier for the j. oil ...

Also, is there is a list of ingredients one should steer clear of when looking at store products??

I'm using the DK products for my face, so no probs there. This is totally in relation to body lotions only. But let's face it ... we apply body products and then can touch our faces (without thinking), so what we put on our bodies should also be non-irritating to our faces if at all possible, right?

Thanks for any feedback, ideas, suggestions, etc.!!

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I'm using Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion and it's fantastic. It's roughly $10 or so and I bought it at CVS. And I'm going to grab some jojoba oil, it sounds great!

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Thanks for the recommendation, MissAngie! My Walmart carries various Cetaphil products, so I'll have to check for that one next time I'm there.

I find the j. oil can leave me a little on the oily side, which I'm not thrilled with on my face ... after fighting oily skin my entire adult life. So, I'm not terribly likely to use it on my face all the time ... except perhaps at night or whenever I get a case of the flakies from the BP I'm using.

I don't mind the very light oiliness on my arms and legs, though, as it doesn't seem truly greasy to me.

Oh, I also used it to remove my eye make-up (including waterproof mascara) last night. Worked like a charm!! Only took a couple of drops and didn't sting my eyes (had read it was non-irritating to eyes) and took the waterproof mascara off completely and easily.

I've been jokingly referring to j. oil as "Nectar From The Gods" to my friends. Yeah ... that might be going a bit overboard, but I do really like this stuff so far. I'm not one who likes or feels right about spending $10 for a 4 oz bottle of something (and I have a very limited budget for personal care items) ... I am NOT one of those (truly) high maintenance women and wouldn't be even if I had $$$ ..., so this was a big deal sort of purchase for me. So far, no regrets!

Again, thanks for the recommendation, as I really don't want to get something that will clog my pores/irritate my back and shoulders and cause break outs. But I do need to keep it affordable to my personal budget, too.

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