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hey welli have moderate acne and i was tlking to my mom and she also pointed out that my acne has never been this ad and hse thought it was because of all the chemicals ive used they must of irratated my skin and caused more acne. so last night she told me 2 take a shower and gently rub my face only with water and my hands 2 get excess oil off.(btw my mother has beautiful skin) after take a rag and run it under hot/warm water and squeeze it all out then apply it 2 each part of the face for about 20 sec each. then just splash your face with warm water to open all the pores. dont dry let it air dry and take some cotton balls and alcohol and dab jus alil all over your face and then quickly get a cold rag and pat your face a couple of times. then splash your face with cold water. since my face was just alil dry i used vitamin E for a moisturizer. well yesterday my skin was real bad like inflamed and all red. today i woke up and only 1 or 2 pimples on my face were red and i had lik 20 pimples and my face was about 30% clearer in 1 night. im deff gonna continue trrying this method and c how it works.

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Your skin is about to get worse. Alcohol is a big no no when it comes to your skin. It's just going to dry your skin out completely and irritate it, even if you use moisturizer.

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