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Food intolerence bloodtests

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Hey just a few questions i wanted to ask about these as i was considering getting one done but noticed they are quite pricey!

How accurate do you think these are...i know my doctor thinks its a load of nonsense!?

Say the test didn't come out with the obvious acne aggravators like wheat, dairy etc then would you still cut them out of your diet?

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I don't think they're very accurate. Someone said she sent in two samples of her blood drawn at the same time, to the same company, and they came back with entirely different results. I believe this was ALCAT.

You're better off doing an elimination diet. And it's a whole lot cheaper.

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My son had a a prick skin food allergy test done, I wanted to find out what foods he was allergic to just in case it was causing his acne and all I had to do was eliminate it from his diet.

They tested him for 60 differnt foods and when the test was over it looked like a bunch of mosquitos came and bit the crap out of his back, he was allergic to everything except seafood, meats, dairy and eggs.

The doctor was even shocked she said it probably was symtamatic whatever that means, he is also allergic to pollen, grass ragweed ect ect ect basically everything, so I think the body is confusing the food from the trees that the food came from that he is allergic to. Does that make sense.

I personally think the test is useless, theres no way my son can stop eating all the foods on the list, I also have my doubts he is allergic to any of these foods, my insurance paid for it, but I wouldnt waste my money on a blood test since they are so inaccurate.

My doctor told me the prick test is more accurate then a blood test

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