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BP/Flakes Question

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I've been doing a "store bought" regimen for a couple of months, but realize now that I was not using as much of the store bought BP as I should have been by now.

I just got the DK products 4 days ago and I started right in using one full pump of the BP.

Last night, the end of Day 3, I noticed the flakiness starting. Applying the moisturizer seemed to 'calm' it, but of course, I can see it this morning. I've not done the regimen yet this a.m. (slept in, up late last night) and wondering if I should back down on the BP a little. Or is this just part of the process and should I just push through and tough it out, so long as the moisturizer is able to keep it under wraps?? At this point, no real redness, and the flakes aren't horrible. Not sure if they will get a lot worse if I keep up this amount of BP or not.

Also, I am having a hard time envisioning every using 2 full pumps of the BP. I'm a very small woman and one full pump appears to be proportionately the same amount as Daniel is seen using in his video. It takes a good 5+ minutes to get the one full pump worked into my skin. I cannot even imagine trying to get 2 full pumps worked into my face.

I'll be updating my log later with the flaky info, but wanted to ask the above questions here first.

Time to jump in the shower, so I'll have to make a judgment call on how much BP to use this a.m. after I get out of the shower and see just how flaky my face is after cleansing.

Thanks for any advice!!

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If you want to try moving down to half a pump or three quarters of a pump, you can. I know you were using BP prior to getting Dan's products, but if you're concerned about using too much, too soon, just use a bit less for a week or two. Then you can move back up.

The flaking might just be your skin adjusting to the formulation of Dan's BP, since it's different than the other BP you were using. Unless things start getting out of control, I wouldn't worry about it too much. ; )

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Thanks! I did use a 3/4 pump this a.m., but I think I'll use a full pump again tonight, because I'm not seeing any flaking through the day today.

It very well may just be my skin adjusting to this BP product, or adjusting to the increased amount of BP product compared to the smaller amount that I had been using of the store BP lotion.

I may just bump back up to the full pump tomorrow a.m. if I don't see too much flaking at that time. I know some flaking is a normal part of the process of adjusting to the large amount of BP, but I didn't want to push it too fast, either.

Thanks again!

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Hey bikerben!! You most certainly may chime in!! I'm loving you for the link to that thread about the jojoba oil "scrub"!!

My funds for purchasing more products are very limited right now, but I think jojoba oil could be next on my list. I've never used it before, so I'll surely want to spot test it for a while before attempting that scrub technique, though.

BUT, in the meantime, I see that someone asked about using the DK moisturizer in place of the oil. So, if/as I continue to have "the flakies", I think I'll opt to try this with the moisturizer and see how that works! Then later, I can invest in the jojoba oil.

What she described in that thread is quite similar to what I did in the shower this a.m. to remove the dead gunk ... except that I obviously didn't do it with any oil or any other product, so it was likely much more potentially irritating. I just could not bring myself to leave that gunk on my face when it wanted to come off anyway, so I tried to be as light as possible.

It's about 8:30 p.m. here now and I'm not feeling flaky at all. Of course, once I cleanse, I may notice some flakiness. We'll just have to wait and see. I'm not turned off by some flakiness. I know that some flakes are part of the hardening process. I just don't want to push it too much, too fast, and I may have jumped the gun in this mornings post.

I am most definitely going to refer back to that thread as needed, read through it more completely, and likely try that technique using the DK moisturizer if needed in the more immediate future!

Again, thanks a bunch!! :wub:

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Haha no problem. I'm in a similar boat to you as I'm on the regimen and still experiencing the 'hardening effect'. I did the regimen a while back and always had problem with flakes early on but I hadn't heard of jojoba oil until this time around.

It's honestly so worth investing in as soon as you can, as unfortunately you won't get the same results doing that technique with the moisturizer. You don't necessarily have to get the product through here if there is a cheaper means of getting it, I think the main point is that it's organic. With that said, the jojoba oil through here is great as it has a drop-by-drop dispenser which makes it really easy to get the right amount rather than making your face like an oil slick!

Anyway, good luck with it, I'm sure you'll be flake free soon enough :)

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Interestingly enough, even though I went right back to one full pump after backing off to 3/4 of a pump only the one time, I don't seem to be flaking like I did the other day.

I'm not sure why I flaked that one day, but not since. And maybe it's just a build up of product every few days? Hard to say, but will keep a close eye on it. My hope is to be able to maintain the 1 full pump for about 5 more days without any probs, then increase it by 1/4 pump if everything goes well by about day 10.

I already planned to invest in the AHA+, but know that I need to wait to start using that so was not in any hurry to get it ordered. But what I may do is go ahead and order both that AHA+ and the Jojoba oil at the same time. It will save on shipping costs for one thing.

I would prefer to stick with all of my products coming from this Acne.org line of products, to ensure the quality of the products I'm using.

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Ah I'm glad to hear that, hopefully it continues that way.

That sounds like a good idea! I've just today decreased the amount of BP I'm using by a bit as I think I started a bit too fast.

I definitely agree with getting all acne.org products as you know they are all going to be perfect and it gives you the confidence that you're doing everything right. I look forward to using the AHA once I've been on the regimen long enough, I hear awesome things about it.

One last thing, if you find at any point that you still have problems with flaking and want to gently exfoliate every now and then, you could try using a baby brush. Here is the link to the thread with all the details http://www.acne.org/messageboard/problems-...in-t162645.html I probably should have mentioned it at first as I did it when I was on the regimen before and I found it helped a lot. I imagine combining it with some jojoba oil would be a great way to exfoliate!

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