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My Experience with Dr. Lam

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Hey everybody. I had a consultation with Dr. Lam yesterday. Many of you here have already heard of this brilliant man, as he is a popular doctor on acne.org. During my visit, I was very nervous but his extremely nice staff made me feel right at home. When I saw him I kinda felt like I was meeting a celebrity since I've visited his websites numerous times and heard SO much about him on these boards.

I flew in a day early (as suggested by many of you on acne.org.) I'm very glad I took your advice, since my flight got delayed several times due to severe thunderstorms. The receptionist told me that I was very lucky to come a day early because there were other patients who attempted to fly into Dallas that day that weren't so lucky. Anyways, he examined my face and told me the news: I am not eligible for silicon injections, which was the reason I flew thousands of miles. He told me my scarring was extremely minor and he could not notice it unless he was searching for it. I felt deflated but elated at the same time that I got a professional opinion from somebody who has seen thousands of acne scar cases. He did say that I could use some tca cross but even that was so minor that he would only perform one treatment, and maybe two at the most, spaced at four month intervals. I went ahead with the cross and I could tell that he was HIGHLY EXPERIENCED. He was extremely fast. After about five minutes of crossing, I couldn't help but think that that must've been the easiest $700 he made in his life (Not because the treatment is easy to perform, but because he is so skilled that he can go extremely fast.) As a side note, I know that many of you on these boards perform TCA cross on yourselves, myself included. DON'T DO IT. Seriously, the technique and everything that goes into it is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING like how you do it at home. Trust me. TCA can be very dangerous, he was honestly freaked out when I told him that my aunt bought it off the internet for me. He buried his face in his hands after I told him, and even said he's had many patients have burned literally holes into their face by trying to treat themselves.

After the CROSS, my face wasn't too bad. It was a little red but I could function normally. I didn't want to go back to the airport because I had to wait like six hours til my flight (I got a later flight just in case I ran a little late.) His receptionists were so pretty and friendly, I couldn't remember the last time I saw such gorgeous women act so nice. They let me chill in the tv room. I don't want to let this slip just because I don't want any of you to abuse their hospitality, but they even got me some cake that they made, made me some coffee, and called me a cab and got me a discount fare. I couldn't even believe how cool they were. I found myself chatting away with them. One lady in particular that was at the office (I think she worked there) I got very chatty with. She looked very young for her age and she praised the work of Dr. Lam and his kind heart. After some time I asked her how long she knew Dr. Lam and she replied "I'm his mother." I couldn't believe it since she looked so young for her age. Dr. Lam made her look younger and she showed me her before and after, which was a real testament to the skill of Dr. Lam.

Dr. Lam is truly one of a kind. He is not there to take your money, otherwise he would have injected silicon into my face. He does not want to sell you anything you don't need, and he will refuse to give you something if he doesn't think it's justified, which is a breath of fresh air when you see so many other surgeons and dermatologists shoving lasers down your throat (like I have in the past) which have shown zero improvement. He told me that we are our own worst critic, which I think is a message that we all need to digest from time to time. He is totally about developing a connection with his patients and I truly believe he is a rare gem among today's money grubbing world. Doctors like him are hard to come by. It's been only one day since my cross and I still just have warm feelings about the experience I had there. Being 21 and on my own in a new place, it was the only place that nobody tried to take advantage of me. I truly appreciate everything they did.

If you read all this, I applaud you. I hope this gives you an honest feel about the guy. I'm not trying to promote him, just trying to give a rundown of what to expect when you meet him. sorry this is so long.

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oh and if anybody is thinking of visiting him, make sure you stay at the ALOFT PLANO hotel. If you go to the front desk and ask for the medical rate they will give you a 50 percent discount, which was HUGE for me, since I was tight on cash. A night goes for 70 bucks. The hotel is unlike anything I've been to before. It is very contemporary and modern, colorful, and I hate to use the word "hip" since it makes me sound old (I'm only 21) but that best describes it. There's a free shuttle that takes you from the hotel to Dr. Lam's office also. The cab driver that works for Dr. Lam drives a little crazy and got me scared a little bit, but he was a nice guy nonetheless. ok thats about it.

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Thank you for the very informative post. I wish you a good recovery and hope that you will post updates.

Did Dr. Lam view your scarring as minor because of depth, width, or number? I have a few pretty shallow scars on my right cheek that bother me. I would guess they are less than .5 mm in depth. Do you know how deep your scars were?

Thanks for any info you can provide and, again, good luck.

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