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Hey everyone, I just have a few questions...

First off, lets just start by saying what I have used, and it hasen't worked, and why.

SeaBreeze Oily Skin Astringent - Dried my face out, burned when I put it on, didn't really keep acne away, used for around 2 weeks. (And yes, I did moisturize)

Tea Tree Oil - Dried my skin out, didn't keep acne away also (I did moisturize also)

Organic Cleansing Milk - Didn't dry my skin out, but if anything, it made my acne worse.

Caveman - This is usually when my acne isn't that bad, but I do get a lot of clogged pores and have dirty skin, definitely in need of a cleanser.

Cetaphil - Didn't work, used for a couple of weeks and really didn't do anything.


Bottom line is, I don't have the money for anything expensive, such as "Dan's regimen", plus I think it'd be to harsh.

I have around 20-25$ to spend on some stuff, if anyone could make some suggestions on maybe a cleanser and a really good moisturizer, that'd be great.

Skin type - Decently sensitive, dry patches, oily at times, moderate acne, quite a bit of blackheads.


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you can try the bp10% it is just as good at bp2.5%, and trust me dan's regime is not harsh.

i've never found a good clenser other than dan's, same with the mosterizer. sorry i'm not much help, but i say use the bp10%.

also make sure you change your pillow case once a day, it really helps!

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Are you on Dan's Regimen?

If you are you should check out the biggest mistakes page:


If you are having trouble with moisturizers; Dan's moisturizer is great, but i believe cetaphil is just as good, but either way, throw in some Jojoaba oil into the mixture and it will get the job done. If still, your having trouble moisturizing, I do this thing called a Jojoaba oil mask. I believe "Cool as Kim" or someone posted a topic about it. All you do is, before cleansing your face, you gently massage jojoaba oil all over your face and in the flaky spots add a little pressure and continue massaging. Then you leave it on for about 10-30 minutes and rinse it off like a mask and continue on with your regimen. Doing this like 3 times a week should get rid of flakes for sure.

The Disciple posted something about using 10% BP. Don't use that. That will cause a huge excess of dryness. When you could just be using 2.5% with the same effectiveness.

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