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Seeking some advice

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I was prescribed accutane (oratane) at 20mg for mild-moderate acne by my Derm and have been on it for nearly 5 weeks. My blood test went perfectly and I was prescribed 3 repeats, enough for 8 months of treatment at 20mg.

I recently tried to phone to make my monthly appointment with my Derm and they said they wouldn't be able to fit me in for another month. I thought that was strange because I realise you are supposed to have monthly blood tests.

My question is this - would it be too disastrous to just ride out my prescription without seeing my Derm anymore or getting any more blood tests?

I realise self-medication isn't generally a good idea but it's kind of weird that I was prescribed so much straight away and my Derm doesn't seem to be too bothered with getting me in to be monitored.

I have only suffered dry lips so far and my acne is just starting to really improve. Not going back to the derm or getting any more blood tests would probably save me about $1,200. Maybe I could even go at the 3/4 month point to be safe, I wouldn't be too bothered with that.

Any opinions/advice welcomed.

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Do you have to get your blood test done at your dermatologist's office? Is it possible to get it done in a lab that can fax over the results to your derm, and then have the derm call you with the results? I personally feel the drug is too serious to skip any steps, but others may feel more relaxed about it.

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Hi, thanks for the reply.

Nah the test is actually done in a lab and they fax it over. The thing is though each test costs $140 and then my derm wants a visit as well each month which is another $90. When you factor in the cost of the accutane as well it just adds up toa lot.

I'm just kind of thinking that because I'm on such a low dose and I am getting it from a pharmacy that maybe I can save the expense. Just kind of wondering whether anyone else has done something like this.

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I was prescribed it initially by a derm and I received a prescription large enough that I could now fill it for 8 months at 20mg without having to go back. It would all be purchased at the pharmacy, I am almost through my first packet now.

I live in Australia and I am insured but the derm visits and blood tests still must be paid for somewhat.

But yeah I think you're right about perhaps finding a new derm, this one does seem a bit unprofessional.

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