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thinking of stopping medications

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i've been on acne treatments since july 2008. since then i've been prescribed benzaclin, doryx 100mg, then doryx 150mg. i was also on finacea, RAM, ziana, & atralin. i saw a tiny bit of improvement, but nothing major in terms of treating my whiteheads/pustules that form on my chin.

actually, ever since i started treatment, it only seemed to aggravate my acne. i never used to have multiple pustules form on my chin until the derm gave me stuff to put on it. but i'm afraid to stop my benzaclin cuz i'm scared i'll end up with bigger pimples on different areas of my face.

has anyone completely stopped their prescription treatments and went with OTC stuff?? what did you start using?

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I'm curious about this... I want to get on the regimen when they say how clear it will make you... I'm scared though :( I am on Tetracyline 500mg once a day & Tretinoin Cream 0.025 at night... my skin has really improved on my back and face but, there's still more I could be clear... I'm wondering if there's something I can do to my regimen to make it more effective? I have a lot of smaller bumps on my skin now they are no where near inflamed like they were only occasionally 3 or 4... but, lot of non inflamed acne... I could be clearer... I also always have a red face and I hate looking like I have a sunburn 24/7

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