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My date and my insecurities

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Just thought id tell you my problem and my thoughts to see if anyone can relate.

Iv been talking to this girl i met online for about 2 weeks, but we havent met because of circumstances like assignments etc, but even though we havent met weve become really close, phoning each other every day and texting.

Shes seen pics of me on my facebook, and i look good on them, if i do say so lol buuut thing is the pics dont show my skin up close, and my skins got worse since the pics were taken.

Anyway we're meeting tomorrow night, and we have this big night planned, and we've been saying all the lovey dovey stuff about spending the night hugging and not letting go :boohoo: lol

but what if shes disapointed cuz i dnt look as good in person as i do on facebook? can anyone relate.

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It is a very awkward situation indeed. I bet you're so tense you can't even sleep - I've been there :ninja:

She'd take less notice of your skin if it didn't seem like you care much about it. Just go out there and have fun; you can only have this moment once in your whole life.

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I agree with Spikey, if you act like your acne dosent bother you it won't bother her to much. sure she might be a little surprised that you have acne but then i'm sure she has things that she's afraid of you noticing. so go out there and have a good time!

wish you the best of luck!

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She knows the game. People don't put up the most flattering pictures on facebook. I'm sure she didn't put any pictures of her without makeup online. The both of you are drooling over each other right now. She will only be disappointed if you let her be. If you continue to act like the same person on the phone, and make her feel the same way, then how would she be let down? It's not like you're pulling off a mask on the date, and turning out to be someone else.

Hey, if she does find your face to be a problem, then there isn't much else to do but move on. That's only one girl. But you shouldn't be thinking that yet. Go on your date and have a good time.

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