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Wanted to share this...MD Forte cleansers "cured" my acne

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I'm 29 and have had moderate to VERY severe acne (big painful nodules) since I was 19. I went through one cycle of Accutane which got rid of the worst breakout of my life. But about 6-9 months later, the acne slowly began coming back. Most of all, I have adult acne so the acne would get really bad at my jawline. I started reading about highly rated facial cleansers on makeupalley.org and saw that reviews for MD Forte cleansers mentioned a lot of incredible results for people with acne. So I started with the level II glycolic cleanser then level III and basically I have not had a single breakout since then. I'm only sharing this because I never thought I'd find a "miracle" product. I even tried one of those portable blue light machines. I tried dunking my head in water twice a day per this message board. I tried to stop drinking milk. It was ridiculous. It's been about 9 months since I started MD Forte and my face has never been this clear. I still have scarring, of course, and a little bit of redness. The occasional pimple will emerge, but the cleanser gets rid of it very fast. I have NO idea how a topical cleanser can prevent cysts and nodules, but this did for me. It saved my face! And if it can save anyone else's then you should at least know it worked this well for me. If you do try it, please PM me and let me know if it worked for you. It would make typing this long ass post worth it.

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