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Desperately need opinions on accutane course!

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Hey! I am in a rut about my moderate acne and accutane and I really don't know what to do! I am going to ask my derm for his recommendations when I have my appointment in 2weeks but... I need experienced people's opinions on what you would do.

Heres some background:

I started accutane in late february on 40mg (I weigh 170lbs/77kg). I had the usual dry skin and dry lips that was completely managable. However! around late march i developed horrible joint pain and would wake up like i had osteoporosis(sp?) everyday with horrible back pain... it hurt to pick something off the floor. Also I was still breaking out and my acne was a steady breakout every week. I also noticed thinner hair and fatigue. Moreover, on my next appointment in May I switched with the recommendation of my derm to 20mg because I couldn't take the pain anymore.

Well... to cut the story short it is now June and my acne has improved about 10% only and also has left me with ice pick scars which I am NOT prone to which makes it worse. I am also still breaking out in pastules, have joint point (not as bad as before but still bad...about 40% better than when I first had it) in my elbows, back (to the point wher eI need to crack my back constantly to avoid slouching form pain) knees, ankles and even my fingers. BUT I do seem to have slightly thicker hair as usual and dry lips aren't as dry anymore and I need to apply lip baum only about twice a day.

To make matters worse... I am a dancer and weight lifter and joint pain in my knees and elbows is just horrid, even though I cut back my activity by about half (I am lifting ALOT less and taking huge breaks in my dances). I really don't want to stop either of my activities... I just don't think i can, and I'm not even certain if this will relieve my pain.

SO... the thought came to my mind if accutane is even worth it. Usually in the summer time my skin becomes alot better, but so far it hasn't. I also remember having better results with retin A and minocycline last summer where i had only mild acne with such products. I am losing hope to if accutane will work for me..and if it doesn't what I should do?! I am so lost. I don't know if I can handle this joint pain/random breakouts/ice pick scars as a result of weak skin for the 10month course my derm has planned. SHould I cut the cord? What should I do next? I need experienced advice pleaseee!

Thank you anyone who responds!

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hi, i also started accutane in mid february,

and it hasnt cleared up for me totally yet.

I took 10mg in the first 3.5 months, and recently upped to 20mg.

I only experienced dry lips, and some eczema? (not sure if it is due to accutane), but both quite manageable..

Currently I still have 2 cysts on my left cheek, and some whiteheads and black heads.

So I can totally emphatise with how you feel.. :(

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