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Hi everyone,

just seeking a little guidance. I started BC at 17 (Trifeme 28) and was on this for 5 years with clear skin. I had mild - mod acne in highschool, but nothing too major. Trifeme wasn't prescribed especially for my skin, but made it perfect anyway - I just got the odd spot here and there. I stopped the pill for 4 - 5 months and in my oily skin gradually returned by about the 4th month. I broke out soon after in lots of little red pimples on my forehead, back and chest area, as well as a couple on my cheeks. My GP prescribed Yasmin (which I have taken for 2 months). My oily skin cleared completely within a few weeks, and my chest is now completely clear. My back seems to be following. The only thing is - my forehead acne has stayed. It's not getting worse, but I have seen only a mild improvement. I'm just wondering how long until I should see optimum results? Does this mean Yasmin isn't going to clear my forehead, or could my body still be adjusting? Since Yasmin has stopped the oily skin, I really thought it would have stopped the pimples after 8 weeks too!!! Replies from anyone who has experienced acne after stopping the pill would be appreciated! I just want to know there is hope it will clear again, and how long it took for others!

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