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I've been a longtime lurker on this forum, nearly two years now, but after trying so many different things to try and control my acne I need advice. My acne is not severe, but I never go a single day without two or three new pimples, others go, new ones come. They all vary in size and type, mostly i get white heads. I have oily-combo skin. I eat extremely healthy- zero sugar-no gluten, Basically my diet consists of lots of green leafy veggies, broccoli, cauliflower,asparagus, eggs, onion, garlic, humus, rice cakes( plain brown), buckwheat, steel cut oats, brown rice, chicken, fish, almond butter, and walnuts. I take fish oil, vitamin c 500mg, vitamin e 200IU, a B complex and a b12 in the morning, cod liver oil, chromium 200mcg and 45 mg zinc at night. I exercise daily, sleep 8 hours a night, drink only water and rooibos tea, and Drink 2 tablespoons of ACV mixed in water three times daily. Currently I wash my face with only water and tone with straight apple cider vinegar ( 2 times daily), i change my pillow cases every two days, try really hard not to touch my face but can't shake the acne. It is really affecting my life and I need to fix this. I have never been to a dermatologist because I don't want to take medications. Although I did notice when I went on antibiotics for a sinus problem My acne stopped. I also take a probiotic pill 3 times daily. Please let me know what you think of my regime. Im ready to start drinking my urine if it stops me from having to look in the mirror. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks Jared

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I take fish oil, vitamin c 500mg, vitamin e 200IU, a B complex and a b12 in the morning, cod liver oil, chromium 200mcg and 45 mg zinc at night.

I have never been to a dermatologist because I don't want to take medications.

Well...you are taking medications. Just because they don't come with a prescription doesn't mean they aren't medications. I would definitely recommend finding a good dermatologist and explaining your frustrations to him/her. You might be surprised...you could have great results with the first prescription topical or pill you try. It sounds like you're being healthy and have all the other pieces put together; maybe a trip to the dermatologist will give you the last push you need.

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Been a while since I've posted here, but i just had to pitch in since my early regimen matches yours about 100%. Ate only veggies, fruit, eggs, and coconut oil. Drank only rooibos and water. Tried all those supplements. I haven't ever seen a single post that reminded me so much of what I did.

Well I didn't get too much improvement on that vegetarian diet, and I felt cold and weak most of the time. I was on it about a month. After a couple of months on a drastically different diet, I'm clear. If you want to try something new, give this a shot. I look and feel the best I have my whole life, and I plan on recommending the diet to my little brother when his skin turns to crap like mine did.

So I mostly based it off the 180 degree health blog (i'm starting to realize i'm basically sounding like an infomercial right now, bleh). But the core principles are:

Have 3 filling meals a day, no snacking. Every meal should consist of plenty of fat, protein, and starch. Rough estimates would be 30-60g fat, 30-60g starch, and 20-40g protein. All high-quality of course. My menu looks something like this...

1. Fats: Virgin Coconut Oil, Cold Pressed EVOO, Avocado. The blog recommends raw grassfed butter, and I would totally eat it but it's too difficult to get my hands on. I tried pasteurized grassfed butter and it was bad news.

2. Protein: Eggs, Grassfed Lamb Liver, Fish. I would also eat grassfed steak, raw yogurt, raw cheese, but again too difficult or costly.

3. Carbs: I only eat sprouted grain bread (Ezekiel Bread). Not to be confused with whole grain bread (based on flour), which is bad for you. Brown rice is great (as well as other real grains), but make sure you germinate it. That means you should soak it overnight in room-temp water before you cook it. I know it sounds ridiculously stupid, but it's just the way it is. I guess I just eat the bread to save me some trouble.

4. Additionally: Lacto-fermented vegetables with every meal. They are ridiculously healthy: Probiotic, aid digestion, loaded with vits and mins, and most importantly 10x the enzymes of their raw counterparts. Do not overlook this! I make a big batch with shredded cabbage, chopped carrots, a jalepeno or two, and chopped onion. Crush it to get some juice out of it, mix in lots of salt (Celtic Sea Salt), just enough water to cover all the veggies, and let it sit in a closed container at room temp for 3 days. delicious, by the way

So there's your meal concept. Here are a few other principles:

-As little simple sugar as possible, preferably none, including natural sugar. I was appalled at first, but i've grown to like and follow the concept. The blog author puts it a lot more scientifically, but the idea is that fruit and honey are great foods for perfectly healthy people to eat. But you, and 99.9% of Americans have overworked your sugar-processing system and would benefit greatly from giving it a break with stable starch-protein-fat based meals (although both are carbs, sugars and starches act in completely different ways).

-Raw is usually better. Even with meat. But especially with fats. Indeed, for a month and a half all my eggs were eaten raw, all my liver raw, all my fish raw. It was fun, and it felt like Fear Factor. I'm successfully eating more cooked meat and eggs at this point (maintenance), since I don't think they're inherently unhealthy foods - But i think in the healing stage, you really want to stick to raw. I definitely had problems with cooked meat and eggs immediately after transitioning from my vegetarian diet.

-BUT not always. Obviously cooked grains are fine (again, germinate). Veggies are confusing. Fermented is best for those that can be fermented. But for broccoli and leafy greens, cooked is better than raw because theyre very rough on the digestive system raw.

-No nuts or seeds, period. So delicious, but hugely problematic. Hard to digest, loaded with antinutrients, and questionable fats. I definitely had problems with almond butter.

-Get some Celtic Sea Salt and use it in generous amounts.

-No caffeine, etc. seems like you've already taken heed to that

There's probably more, but I've gone on for way too long.

Start with this for some inspiration: http://180degreehealth.blogspot.com/2007/0...fight-back.html

then this talks about most of the essentials i've just talked about

and oh yeah, don't be afraid to drop all the supplements. As in, right away. Never did me any good...probably more harm than good. don't sweat your omega's (Well, it's important, but none of the fats on this diet will throw it out of whack), the alkaline/acidic trash, etc.

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What kind of exercise? Prolonged intense activity causes inflammation. Do you sleep well during those 8 hours? What about digestion? How long have you followed this diet? Do you prepare the veggies to preserve nutrients?

I think you should consider other possible allergens. Gluten and dairy are the most common. From your list of foods, I'd say try avoiding the walnuts and the eggs next. Tree nuts and egg whites are very common allergens. And almonds are related to stone fruit which are somewhat common allergens. Try raw pumpkin seeds as a replacement. Dense quality protein and loaded with many of the nutrients beneficial for acne like zinc, magnesium.

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I do mountain biking and running about 5 days a week, I always sleep well, my digestion is awesome, totally regular, I steam some of the veggies but only for 5-10 mins, I've cut out eggs before and had no affect, same with the almond butter, the walnuts im going to cut out anyway, I've made a dermatologist appointment and am still very apprehensive to go , I used to get acne on my chest and back and even scalp, not severe, but it was there, when I changed my diet it all cleared up. I thought maybe it was using only water on my face that could be causing the problems, so i tired dans cleanser and had a terrible breakout like I never had before. Im back to water only and have included exfoliating with baking soda, and toning with acv every other night. I even cut out nightshades with no affect. On another note, when I went gluten free and cut out sugar my nasal allergies and sinus problems went away, I also developed food allergies to bananas and kiwi a few years back. Im can't tell if my breakouts are diet related or not, because I figured if it broke me out on my face it would break me out on my scalp and body. Very Confused

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